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Giant = greater than 1 foot tall
I can't find any real details, but since it appears that this clock is over 2" tall I'm going to include it. The clock is located at the Kanazawa eki train station in South Korea. The display is formed by jets of water. If you watch the YouTube video, you'll see that it also displays text. (YouTube Video).

Artist Albin Karlsson created this stunning digital clock. The display is created with panes of mirror in the shape of the number segments. Suspended from the ceiling the panes rotate in and out of the display plane to make the numbers. The whole display is 29.5' by 8.2'. (the original page).

Karlsson also created this clock that uses fluorescent lamps to form the segments of the display. I can't find a reference but from blowing up the picture it appears that the lamps are of the 24" variety. Therefore, this clock probably measures about 12' by 5', but I'm guessing. (the original page).

A UK outfit named PolyComp built a fairly staggering 14 foot tall clock (notice the man standing in front of this 4M monster). Their website doesn't detail how it works, or where it went, but maybe they'll read this here and drop me a line. (the original page).

UPDATE 3/3/2009 I've received an email from Jeremy Harwood of PolyComp, now LED Synergy. Aside from the name change, Jeremy tells me that the display in the photo was built to mount on the 20th floor of a highrise in Cape Town, SA. He also mentions that the display is formed from LEDs. Still an amazing display! Thanks Jeremy!
Built in 1961, the Nylex clock is a Melbourne icon, and is on their Victorian Historic Register. It was restored in 2004, and the time/temp section of the sign was converted from incandescent lamps to LEDs. more infor.
Thanks to Sascha for the lead!
UPDATE 1/8/2009 I've received an email from Adam Dimech, who's blog I originally linked. In addition to a link change, Adams site mentions that in 2005 Nylex spent about $300,000 (AU, I presume) to restore the clock. He included another link to a special information page he has created.
Thanks Adam!
The folks at Citizen have been playing with 'E-Paper', and have created the biggest clock you can possibly fit into a mailing tube. The Bendy Clock may not be very practical, but it's certainly giant, and decidedly cool.

Thanks to Sascha for the lead as well!
Artist Darren Almond has constructed a number of stunning clocks including this amazing flip clock artwork titled A Bigger Clock. The clock, constructed in 1997, is 5 feet tall and almost 7 feet wide.
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Another Almond work, titled Meantime, is a 7-segment digital clock build into a standard 40-foot shipping container.
Monochrono, also an Almond work, is a fully functional clock standing 13 feet tall and about 26 feet wide.
Yet another Almond work, this rotary drum clock is about 8 feet tall and was modeled after it's much small bed-side cousins.
Probably one off the most watched clocks on Earth is the NASA Countdown clock at the Kennedy Spaceflight Center.
The Rheinturm Düsseldorf is a 790-foot communications tower in Germany that features a digital, decimal clock (think 'binary dot clock')
The Landmark Tower in Fort Worth Texas boasted a 32-foot tall revolving digital clock. It has since been demolished. Can anyone find a picture of this clock lit up?
A 21-foot digital wall clock (with construction details).
The Iridium Flare Tracker, a 2004 Burning Man project.

Do you know of any other huge clocks I should add to this page?
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This page contains a collection of giant, huge, gigantic, and immense digital clocks from all over the world. There are flip clocks, seven segment clocks, dot matrix clocks, and other kinds of electronic clocks. Some are functional community or advertising clocks, and some are strictly art and art clocks.